TIME: 10am

“I’m not a salesman” “I hate Sales” “I don’t have the gift of the gab” “I don’t want to sound like a used car sales man”

Do you regularly hear these comments from people who don’t like selling? Perhaps they come from you? Traditional sales training teaches you the techniques of ‘how to Sell” and often doesn’t address the elephant in the room – the reasons we resist selling.

Sales and networking specialist, Misty Henkel will introduce you to what’s stopping you from selling effectively and provide tools so you can move sell your product or service with confidence and not feel like a used-car salesman!

You will learn:
• The causes of sales anxiety
• Skills to successfully sell your product or service
• How to use a step-by-step formula to sell successfully
At the completion of the session you will leave with:
• A formula to sell consistently.
• The mindset and confidence to apply to your selling
• And – how to have fun doing it!!!

This online workshop is designed for business people who find it difficult to complete the sale. The workshop is limited to 20 attendees and is available to business owners throughout NSW who are registered customers of the Business Connect program. 

The session will be recorded and the recording and associated documentation will be made available to those who attend this session. If you are registered, but unable to attend for any reason, please cancel your event registration and reschedule for a day you are able to attend.

About the presenter – Janine has enjoyed creating and developing a number of businesses from start-up, and has assisted other business owners to develop and manage their operations. She has worked in recruitment, childcare, personal and leadership development, business consulting, retail, travel, architecture, construction and IT.

About Business Connect: Business Connect is a dedicated and personalised NSW Government program that provides trusted advice to help you start, run, adapt or grow your small business.

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