Eventintroduction to podcasting

TIME: 12.30pm

Maybe you have the concept, the people and the information to distribute through podcasts, but you don’t know where to start? Good for all NSW businesses to attend.

Join our guest presenter, Jen Seyderhelm as she shows you why a podcast is an excellent marketing, information and networking resource. It’s perfect for any sized business or organisation and works just as well for individuals with an area of expertise and knowledge.

You will learn:
• How a podcast can benefit you personally and professionally
• The realistic time and financial investment required to establish and maintain a podcast
• The components of a good podcast and how to tailor them to you and your business as a competitive point if difference

At the completion of the session you will leave with
• Clarity about whether podcasting is a tool for you to tap into
• A template for a successful and maintainable podcast
• Information about further editing, voiceover and podcast courses to help you create your first podcast to a standard that you can continue & maintain.

There is a Maximum of 20 places available.
Those who attend will receive a copy of workshop material handouts and the recording.

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