online event

Time – 1pm

Cost – Free

This interactive online workshop is designed for those who are new to business or want to refresh their understanding of business fundamentals. The workshop is limited to 20 attendees and is available to business owners throughout NSW who are registered customers of the Business Connect program. 

This workshop will help you discover the opportunities around you by showing you ways look at your business from a new perspective. Understand your resources and how they can be used to engage your existing customers and find new customers.

You will:
• Learn how to look at your business with fresh eyes and find ways to help make the tough decisions.
• Learn how to use your knowledge and understanding of your business to put an effective business plan into place for the future.
• Discover what foundations you already have so that you can move forward confidently towards the future.

You will leave the session with:
• An understanding of where your business is now and your established foundations.
• An opportunity to explore what is possible for your business.
• A way forward from here with an idea of what your future could look like.